Wallpaper Hanging

If you have ever attempted to hang your own wallpaper, you know what a trying task it can be. The process of cutting the wallpaper into the correct dimensions and dealing with messy wallpaper paste is not always a fun way to spend an afternoon. To get a perfect, attractive wallpaper job, why not let the professionals at Dillon Painting do it for you? At Dillon Painting, we have the expertise needed to prepare your walls by removing old paint, sanding the walls, and calculating the correct amount of wallpaper needed for the job.

Wallpaper can be costly, so it is important to get the measurements correct.

Do you have difficult angles or uneven walls? That's not a problem! We have proven experience that can accomplish any wallpapering tasks. No job is too difficult! The process is easy. Just go about your daily business, and you will return to a perfectly wallpapered room. We will leave your home just as it was found-- clean and clutter free!

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